Ban it? Or just shut it off….

Eminem.  Love him or hate him – he’s always making you think.

The album, Recovery, was released about a year ago and in my opinion, one of his best albums in his career.  The songs on the album are raw, in your face and brutally honest….just the way I like them.  The latest Eminem video has caused a bit of a stir and there is a petition (the “Ban Eminem’s video depiction of his suicide” petition) going around to have it pulled from the air all together. They say the video is “too disturbing” and pushes the envelope too far when it comes to the subject of suicide.  They say it will cause copy cat suicides (more on that in a minute…)

I say, “Did you even listen to the song? Before the video dropped?” I mean, anyone who actually listened to “Space Bound” knew it was a chilling track that can bitchslap someone fighting a case of the funks right in the mouth, snapping them back into reality, shaking them back to the place where they need to be, the place where they take control of themselves…their lives, again.  If you’ve ever felt like you’re watching the very bad movie that has become your life and the ending isn’t lookin good….you know what I’m talking about….there’s a point where you’re snapped back into taking the reins, you’re punched in the gut with the undeniable need to take back your life and you fight like hell to find the strength you’ve convinced yourself you don’t have.

After watching the video (trying to figure out what all the fuss was about), I thought to myself….”Damn, that was one well directed video”.

Yes, it was as raw, accurate and in your face as I expected it to be.

Yes, it was a little uncomfortable watching the video, the story unfold….only because there were parts that I could relate to, from another time in my life, an uncomfortable time…….it gave me chills when Em depicted his own demise…I sat in silence as the video came to a close….thinking “Mhmm. Been there, way too close to there….grateful I’m not there anymore and never will let myself get there ever again”

As someone who struggles with depression, I did not find the video or song to be anything more than disturbingly accurate….maybe Em does get it.  Quite frankly, I personally find Kei$ha far more offensive than anything Eminem has ever said or done

As a person who sat in the back of a church listening to a friends eulogy, a friend who committed suicide, I wasn’t offended or traumatized by the video.  Granted, Squash didn’t shoot himself in the head and I didn’t watch him commit suicide but it doesn’t change the way shit ended….suicide is suicide.

It’s a disturbing topic in general…so is living with depression.  Taking this video off the air won’t make it any less disturbing, not talking about it won’t make it go away….instead, if you don’t like the video….shut it off and never watch it again, YOU have that power….pretty cool huh

As far as saying that this video should be banned because it has potential for copy cat suicides, I call bullshit.  If this copy cat crisis were true then we need to pull that bong hitting hussie, Miley off the air, Beyonce has to go since she is creating the potential for copy cat strippers and Cleavage McGee Katy Perry is in deep trouble.  OR….we could all make sure that WE raise our kids….. not a song, a pop star or a rap video.

Random side note:  Another video that is chilling/disturbing that I love is from Blue October “Hate Me”.


One Response to Ban it? Or just shut it off….
  1. Mari
    June 29, 2011 | 10:45 pm

    Well said, CC!
    I know It’s tough when you see something that really resonates with you but people are just missing the point.
    The video is hard to watch but I don’t think that means it should be banned. Just like Ozzy’s “Suicide Solution,” it’s a cautionary tale, not an instructional guide.
    Mari´s last [type] ..Go the **** to Sleep.

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