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It was easy for Mishelle to Get Into The Groove as a Child of the Universe. In an attempt to Take the Power Back she taped all those On the Radio and deciphered their lyrics. When she was 16 Going on 17 she got her first walkman. Soon she became a Runaway Train proclaiming Who I am Hates Who I've Been. Always trying to Cherish the Love she began Drawing Circles in the Sand relying on the bank of Sad Songs in her Heart of SoulThese Days this Secret Agent [Mama] sings the F-stop Blues while living in the Carnival of Beautiful Kids with her husband who loves Learning to Fly. Just Look at Us, she sings, with a lyrical heart. She knows Nothing Else Matters. And this Brown Eyed Girl is happy to be Walking on Sunshine. There's So Much to Say about The Space Between; just Don't Worry, Be Happy and know that you can always find her Under the Table and Dreaming.

Photographing Musicians

If you know me you know that I am never very far from my camera. You also know that I love all kinds of music. Combining two of my loves makes me a very happy person. Here are my favorite shots from various musicians that I’ve had the pleasure of photographing.

You Tube For Music!

I am a HUGE fan of! If there’s a certain song I want to listen to, I go and search, find my specific flavor of the moment, and enjoy the music in my ears. Sometimes, though, something else pops up. Something I wasn’t expecting. Something totally delicious on a different level.

“Ready, ready, ready, ready….to RUN!”

I take out of the house; Nike’s laced up, hair pulled back, iPod affixed on my arm,  my ear-buds in.   Off I go, hitting the pavement, digging deep to go farther each time, and to reach my goal.   I am a new runner, but an old lover of music.   I know the power of the…

The Day I Met Kelly Clarkson

Last December I got a call to do some awesome work.  I’d be heading down to New Orleans with the Tide Loads of Hope campaign with two of my favorite bloggers, Velveteen Mind and Deb on the Rocks.  We were there to listen to and re-tell stories of hope from people that were still feeling…