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And Robert Plant sometimes even SOUNDS like Robert Plant!

Welcome to the Sunday Scoop, wherein we share with you the whos and whats of the most recent Friday Fiver!  Loved the comments on these – the more frequently we do this, the more I begin to predict what our “regulars” will and won’t like, and I’ll admit to sometimes even throwing one in just…

This is the Friday Fiver

Yay for Friday and music and all of that mess. And yay+ for the Friday Fiver. What can I say? I’m impatient. So I’m springing this a day early!

Fire and Rain: the year that was 1970

1970 is known for the “Chicago Seven,” the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, the birth of Earth Day, Apollo 13, the Kent State shootings, the Women’s Strike for Equality, the Isle of Wight Festival, the birth of the Ford Pinto and the deaths of Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix. It was a tumultuous time, to say the…

Footloose remake: Totally rad or totally bad?

The much talked about release of the remake of ’80s classic Footloose hits theaters Oct. 14. Kenny Wormald and Julianne Hough play the lead roles.

The Sunday Scoop

Love ‘em or hate ‘em: here’s the details.

Happy July First Fiver.

Or as I like to refer to it, fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-FIVER! (can you name that paraphrased tune?) Ladies & gentlemen, your Friday Fiver.

Ban it? Or just shut it off….

Eminem.  Love him or hate him – he’s always making you think. The album, Recovery, was released about a year ago and in my opinion, one of his best albums in his career.  The songs on the album are raw, in your face and brutally honest….just the way I like them.  The latest Eminem video…

The Sunday Scoop

You played along with the Fiver, listened to the songs, gave your comments & hopefully found some new tunes that will make you happy. Or not. Ladies & gentlemen, your Scoop.

Music Television.

It ain’t what it used to be. And specifically, I’m speaking of the newer breed of music television. You see, when MTV & VH1 left music and video for scripted & unscripted series, there left a void for music television. And thus was born “reality” music television. Wherein video really did kill the radio star….

What else could I write? I don’t have the right.

(…with all apologies to the late Mr. Cobain for the shameless lyric ripoff in the title.  But, seriously – when one thinks of their own failures, foibles and fumbles with the intention of actually TALKING about them, one arrives at a state of discouraged detachment that can best be described as “Nirvanesque”.) Okay, so now…