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And Robert Plant sometimes even SOUNDS like Robert Plant!

Welcome to the Sunday Scoop, wherein we share with you the whos and whats of the most recent Friday Fiver!  Loved the comments on these – the more frequently we do this, the more I begin to predict what our “regulars” will and won’t like, and I’ll admit to sometimes even throwing one in just…

Friday Fiver on Thursday.

And, why not?  When I started the Friday Fiver, it’s not like there were any hard and fast rules…more like “guidelines”… So, I’m jumping back in this week to give Mari a break and mix things up a bit.  Got some brand spankin’ new stuff  folded in with older gems and as always, we’d love…

11-11-11 = Friday Fiver

Can you believe it? We made it to 11-11-11. Remember back when we thought that 1999 was light years away? Yeah. Good times, people. Good. Times. On with the fiver!

This is the Friday Fiver

Yay for Friday and music and all of that mess. And yay+ for the Friday Fiver. What can I say? I’m impatient. So I’m springing this a day early!

Five for Friday

Oh hey there! It’s Mari. It’s 6am and I haven’t had coffee yet. Witty banter (which I almost just shortened to “witter”) is not quite ready yet, coffee’s still brewing. And can I say, that every Friday when I do a fiver, I picture that platter of cakes wielding guy at the top of the…

Finally Friday Fiver

Yay! Friday! Yay! Fiver!

Sunday Scoop – Dukes, Kings and Kirsty

So, you played along with the Fiver.  (If not, go back one post and do it now!)  Here are the details…any of them change your mind enough to give one another listen?   Track 1:  Shine On You – The Duke and The King Simone Felice of The Felice Brothers is part of this “soul-folk-glam…

Fiver: Better Late than Never

Howdy, y’all.  Ri here.  I found I was getting a lil’ nostalgic for doing the Fivers myself, so I “volunteered” to take on today’s.  Of course, right after volunteering, I promptly forgot all about it…until just now. (What?  It’s not like you didn’t KNOW that Mari is the much more organized, punctual and professional one….

Friday Fiver

It’s Fiver time, folks. You know the drill, yes? Listen to the songs. Don’t tell anyone if you know what they are! Comment your love or lack thereof in the comment section. We might comment back. We love a rousing bit of discussion, ever so much! Then, on Sunday, come back, when all will be…

Hello, Friday. You Look Fiver-lous.

Hello friends; welcome to your Friday Fiver, the fabulous and fun edition. And I’m posting it on Thursday night because, well, I want to.