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Let’s see if we can’t get the week started off right

with a little bit of music on this Monday! While I recover from exhaustion and car trouble, I’m handing the reigns off to CC on this one……

Wanna go for a ride?

Well, then hop in, buckle your seat belts, and hang on! This week’s Music Monday theme is “songs about cars” and we could not be more excited. The Mamas LOVE songs about cars! Who will YOU be riding shotgun with?

This is what happens

When I go on a work spree, working doubles like a boss (#getthatmoney!): I almost forget to pull the Mamas into this week’s Music Monday post. Since it’s freebie week, and we’re working and getting our kidlets ready for the upcoming school year, hosting family, visiting family and generally buzzing about like busy little bees,…

Whee! We’re back, and ready to make a splash!

Hello! Kim here. You may or may not remember me, so I’ll be sure to get a bio up soon. In the meantime, I’ve come to deliver some summertime/water/splish-splash-themed amazingness via the Monday’s Music Moves Me theme at Dolly’s! When this site fell dormant a while back, I came across several Music Monday bloghops, and…

You can call me Nancy

You technically can call me Nancy but I’d prefer CC. Honestly, you can call me whatever you want just don’t call me late to dinner, bitches. It’s still me, CC. If you’ve forgotten who I am (which I doubt) there’s a bio page or something around here. Figure it out. (Obviously, I’m not the pleasant…

Big Time Rush with a side of One Direction

We hit the road to Nashville at 4:30 p.m. last Wednesday (after work and school) on the way to see Big Time Rush at Bridgestone Arena. My daughter, Riley, could barely contain her excitement: She bounced and sang the whole two-hour drive. And the night was unbelievable. Amazing. Every adjective that means incredible.

This or That – Please, Please, Please

I am a proud child of the ’80′s.  I was weaned on John Hughes films and indie rock.  I remember Walkmen, the original “V-Jays” and how to make big hair.  I loved The Smiths. Scratch that, I still LOVE The Smiths.

Whatever happened to….(4)

Happy New Year, folks!   “Whatever Happened To….” Wednesday took a bit of a breather over the holidays, but I am determined to keep up a little bit better in the coming year!

Please Come Home for Christmas

I love Christmas music, always have. Every year I try to wait until at least Thanksgiving, but every year, I fail and end up adding my “Cool Christmas” playlist to my iPhone before the turkey is even thawed. One of my favorite songs, “Please Come Home for Christmas,” comes in as many versions as there…

Whatever happened to….(3)

Hello, there! You may have noticed that “Whatever happened to….” Wednesday took a little vacation. That was not intended, but between my retail job kicking off our busiest season on Black Friday, and me personally battling a RAGING sinus infection (one that is *still* with me, and appears to still kick my ass every now…