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Big Time Rush with a side of One Direction

We hit the road to Nashville at 4:30 p.m. last Wednesday (after work and school) on the way to see Big Time Rush at Bridgestone Arena. My daughter, Riley, could barely contain her excitement: She bounced and sang the whole two-hour drive. And the night was unbelievable. Amazing. Every adjective that means incredible.

Ever heard of Breakbeat Jazz? Let Me Introduce You to MoWo

Mocean Worker's 6th Album - Out now!

Imagine this…you turn on the radio, your iPhone, or click onto your favorite music app on your iPad and are greeted with a Japanese American rapper singing, “I’m in my own little world little boys little girls, get down pretty baby, that’s how we get down.” Couple this infectious chorus with a groovalicious 60′s beat…

Maroon 5: Moves Like Jagger

Mmkay, I’ve already discussed that I am an avid watcher of The Voice, the show that features awesome singers vying to win a record deal (and the first half of the finale airs tonight!), but what I haven’t really discussed is that the judges/coaches on the show are awesome and accomplished artists in their own…

Music Television.

It ain’t what it used to be. And specifically, I’m speaking of the newer breed of music television. You see, when MTV & VH1 left music and video for scripted & unscripted series, there left a void for music television. And thus was born “reality” music television. Wherein video really did kill the radio star….

CC and the CMA’s

This past week I was watching the CMA’s and was once again blown away by the power of country music. Country music isn’t the twang it used to be! It was the amazing performance from Brad Paisley (who also snagged the entertainer of the year award) that really got me thinking…

GLEE-ful sounds?

Hello. My name is Lara. I am a Gleek. {Hello, Lara} They had me at the “L”. I remember thinking to myself, when the teasers for Glee started popping up in the summer of 09′, “Squee a show for us dorks!”. Seeing-as-how there hasn’t been a decent Trek in years I was sort of stoked….

The Vampire Diaries – Obsession never sounded so good

In the not-so-distant past, successful soundtracks were predominantly limited to the motion picture industry. However, since the late 90s, we’ve been seeing more and more popular TV soundtracks make an appearance on the charts. One such television show soundtrack that I feel no music fan should be without is Original Television Soundtrack: The Vampire Diaries….

Will We Get A New Outrageous Moment At This Year’s MTV VMAs?

The MTV Video Music Awards, or “VMAs” as they have been called lately because people can’t help but abbreviate nearly everything in this world, are always a load of fun to watch, but not only because of the music and the videos, though those elements are great. Rather, I enjoy being on the lookout for…