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On trainwrecks and twerking

So, I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that you either watched the VMAs on Sunday or heard about them Monday and possibly have an opinion. Of course, the runaway performance of the evening was Miley Cyrus. Should we be surprised? I mean, c’mon, this is MTV and the 10th anniversary…

Big Time Rush with a side of One Direction

We hit the road to Nashville at 4:30 p.m. last Wednesday (after work and school) on the way to see Big Time Rush at Bridgestone Arena. My daughter, Riley, could barely contain her excitement: She bounced and sang the whole two-hour drive. And the night was unbelievable. Amazing. Every adjective that means incredible.

Please Come Home for Christmas

I love Christmas music, always have. Every year I try to wait until at least Thanksgiving, but every year, I fail and end up adding my “Cool Christmas” playlist to my iPhone before the turkey is even thawed. One of my favorite songs, “Please Come Home for Christmas,” comes in as many versions as there…

Jessie and the Toy Boys

Anyone who knows me knows that I just don’t do pop music. Well, that’s sort of a lie. I actually do like a lot of songs that end up on the hot-hits-type stations, but the majority of them are by rock bands and musicians. But when the opportunity to view a tour diary webisode by…

Footloose remake: Totally rad or totally bad?

The much talked about release of the remake of ’80s classic Footloose hits theaters Oct. 14. Kenny Wormald and Julianne Hough play the lead roles.

Cage the Elephant Restores My Hope for Rock

Have you heard Cage the Elephant yet? If not, then run…don’t walk to your nearest computer and buy their self-titled debut album. Packed with 11 rockin’ tunes that have as many different sounds as they do names, Cage the Elephant captured my interest quickly and held it the entire album. Raised in Bowling Green, the…

OK Go’s Latest Video Goes to the Dogs

OK Go’s flashy newest video for “White Knuckles” is already a YouTube sensation after just one day, and for good reason: it’s gone to the dogs! With their signature beats and flashy humorous style, OK Go gives their fans what they’ve come to expect; up-tempo songs with catchy lyrics…oh, and videos that make you laugh…

Brendan James wears his heart on his sleeve

A great vibe permeates Brendan James’ self-titled second album. It’s upbeat at times, melancholy at others, and his piano-playing is always good listening. And I’m not the only person who likes it: Legendary singer-songwriter Carly Simon said he has “a voice that can change the world.”

You Tube For Music!

I am a HUGE fan of! If there’s a certain song I want to listen to, I go and search, find my specific flavor of the moment, and enjoy the music in my ears. Sometimes, though, something else pops up. Something I wasn’t expecting. Something totally delicious on a different level.

And we have a winner already!

Have you RSVP’d for the Twitter Party yet?  Because we love RSVPs.  Seriously – an RSVP helps your lovely hostesses to know how many petit-fours they’ll need for tonight.  (For us to eat, not for you…but I digress.)  We love RSVPers so much that we’ve got a prize for one RIGHT NOW…