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He’s a tall drink of water

Country star Trace Adkins‘ new album, “Cowboy’s Back in Town” was released Tuesday, and below is the first video, for “This Ain’t No Love Song.” It has the requisite hot mama (she makes me want to do about a million laps at the track), and Trace in his tight jeans and cowboy hat. I think…

Ry Cuming: A Little Bit of This and That = Diggability

New to the scene with a big dose of old school,  Australian born Ry Cuming has a little bit of lots of stuff I like. His debut video  for “Always Remember Me” takes me straight back to rolling around on the beach with Chris Isaak (I’d be playing the role of Helena Christensen, natch.)

Playing with Fire: Eminem returns in a BLAZE of Controversy

Like him or loathe him Slim Shady is a genius of self promotion. Don’t doubt for one minute that Eminem and Rihanna stumbled into the controversy surrounding the video for their song “I Love the Way You Lie”.  What’s all the fuss about? See for yourself, then let’s discuss. (warning: some may be disturbed by…