The Scoop

Thanks for playing! Here are the details of the songs, chosen for their recent addition to my music library and front-of-mind awareness in my head! Hope you found something you like.

The Fiver

“… Are you restless like me?” That’s the refrain that’s been running through my head (FTR, it’s from “Up the Cuts” by Against Me!). I’ve been digging into music willy-nilly over here, trying to fill in some music-shaped hole that I have. Springtime is a stressful time for me, and I deal with stress through…

Big Time Rush with a side of One Direction

We hit the road to Nashville at 4:30 p.m. last Wednesday (after work and school) on the way to see Big Time Rush at Bridgestone Arena. My daughter, Riley, could barely contain her excitement: She bounced and sang the whole two-hour drive. And the night was unbelievable. Amazing. Every adjective that means incredible.

SXSW Sunday Scoop

I realize, I chose a random little sample from the SXSW options. The options were MANY so I just narrowed it down to 5 + 1 for all of you to enjoy (or hate, or feel meh about). So here we go: Teeth by “The Ettes” This is a Nashville based Retro Rocker Trio. Two…

Friday Fiver – The SXSW Edition

SXSW is starting.  My husband is down in good old Texas for the geek portion of the conference.  He is missing the music, which is probably a good thing because I would be green with envy.  I love the music that comes out of SXSW – some of my favorites started at SXSW. So today’s…

Behind the Fiver.

So what was all that noise about? Without further ado, the faces behind the fiver. Song #1: If You Could Read My Mind (Gordon Lightfoot). Seriously. Is there another voice that rivals Gordon Lightfoot? For my money, he can break it down. This is a song that sticks to your ribs after you hear it,…

Let there be fiver

It’s Mari! I’m posting a Fiver of random songs. You can decide whether or not that’s a good thing.

Dreamers who Fake it in Wooden Ships while giving Candy to Dead Parrots

Track 1:  “Fake It” by Seether I love this song…not a little because I feel exactly this way on LOTS of days.  Plus, the music has just enough edge without trying too hard to be grating or angst-ridden or creepy.  Funny, I haven’t sought out more Seether – maybe because this song stands alone and…

Friday Fiver: Random Shuffle Edition

Ri here – yes, the one who never visits you anymore.  Apologies – here’s my attempt to make it up, with a quickie Fiver that I plucked at absolute and total random from the embarrassingly large amount of music and random files I have uploaded to my server…just in case I ever need them. No…

Something old, something new; was there something here for you?

Get the story behind the fiver here.

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