We love attention.  We’re all bloggers…that sort of goes with the territory, no?

We also love to GIVE attention:  to your CD, your concert, your festival…your brand, your label, your theater production, your movie soundtrack…your really cool band t-shirts or beer cozies.  If it has to do with music in any way, shape or form, we’re interested in it.  We’ll be happy to review it if you send it, and to give you our honest opinion.

Why would anyone want to hear our opinion, you ask?

Because we are the Music Industry’s overlooked demographic. We (and our main readership) are Moms in our 20′s – 40′s.  We hold sway over the disposable income in our households – whether it be through giving our teens permission to buy a concert ticket, grabbing CDs for our spouses on our way through Target or downloading music to fill mp3 players that sustain us during those long hours on the bleachers watching Pee Wee Hockey practice.

It just so happens that this little band of Music Mamas are also writers with established audiences and measurable influence.

We attend and/or speak at numerous conferences throughout the year, and are recognized for our unique niche blogs and audiences.  We have worked in specific promotion for brands via public appearances and have been involved in social media campaigns individually, on Advisory Boards and as Brand Ambassadors.

We reach tens of thousands of readers through our blogs, Twitter and Facebook.  Some of the Mamas are published authors and some write for other collaborative blogs as well.  Each has a unique voice and a unique and loyal audience.  (Our audiences love music, too.)

We’d love to combine our experience with our passion for music and put the two to work for you.

To contact us about advertising opportunities, media campaigns, reviews or sponsorships please email   info{at} , or use the Contact Form below. (Full Media Kits also available.)

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