Kathryn Doran

Kathryn Doran is a frustrated writer, stand-up comic and “sing into the hairbrush” entertainer.

In her attempt to fulfill the dreams no one knew she had, Kathryn holds a useless Business Degree and practices her Open Mic routine in the kitchen in front of her three kids and dog.  She writes honestly about life in the suburbs on her blog Coastal Chick (www.coastalchick.com) where you will find her Chick Tunes Tuesday Playlists. Like any good girl from the ’80′s she has an undying love for the soundtracks of all John Hughes films and an obsession for Squeeze and The English Beat.

Kathryn works from home in Social Media as a community manager.  To add to the good times she works for a guy who happens to be her husband.   In her free time Kathryn enjoys trolling entertainment websites, making iTunes playlists, reading anything she can download to her Kindle for free and being with her husband and three amazing kids.  Kathryn can also be found on her advice blog, The Saucy Bits (www.thesaucybits.com) where she offers her opinion and a cocktail.