Ri O’Laughlin: Founding Editor

Ri O’Laughlin, aka Music Savvy Mom, is the ringleader around here. If this were a band, she’d definitely be the stressed out, chainsmoking manager. (Even though she doesn’t smoke…anymore.) The Music Mamas was her concept, and she’s spent many, many sleepless nights designing and creating this joint.

Now, don’t let the name fool you – she’s no more music savvy than the next gal. (Don’t let the icon fool you – she’s not a blonde, either.) She just refuses to believe that her love for music need be put on the back burner while parenting a Second Grader. The two should not be mutually exclusive.  When she combines them with her need to write, there is truly alignment in her cosmic tumblers.

Prior to Music Savvy Momdom, Ri was gainfully employed in the corporate world as a notsomild-mannered Management Analyst. She sat at her desk with dual computers flashing multiple projects simultaneously, headphones on & music blaring. She often snarled when interrupted. Now a WAHM to Liam, her feisty seven year old…well, things haven’t changed much, really. Except spreadsheets have now become blogs and she doesn’t need the headphones – because the kiddo loves good music, too.

Ri has a passion for writing, and has been told for years that she’s fairly humorous. Though she’s not yet realized her dream of being paid buckets of cash to do both, she has full confidence that one of you dear, dear readers will be in a position to change all that. Seriously. Make her an offer.

In her own words, Ri describes herself thusly:

Writer.  Marketer.  Social Media Manipulator.

Proven Influencer of Purchases and Swayer of Thought: all Levels, many Spaces.

Analytical Number Cruncher.  Presentation Guru. Web Developer, Graphic Designer.  Detailed to a fault.

Fluent in HTML/PHP/CSS and other useful acronyms.  Never stuffy; always effective.  Passionately tenacious.  (Exceedingly Modest.)

“My interests are many and varied. Some of them include pie. My husband is wonderful, our kid rocks, and life is good…even when there’s no pie.”


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