Ri, Lindsay, Mishi, Tiffani, Melisa, Lara, Aimee and Belle are fun loving, blogging Moms who happen to love music.

We each have our own individual blogs, but here we’re going to share the editorial duties and rotate posting about our common love.  Might be concert reviews, might be new CD reviews. Might be artist spotlights, pithy observations on the state of music today, or randomly themed playlists that amuse us.

(For those of you who remember the Guest DJ Playlists we used to have at Music Savvy Mom…they’ll be back.  Here.)

Most importantly, we’ll be connecting with that part of us that still loves to turn up the volume (but only to a moderately respectable level now) and lose ourselves in music.  We all do it in different ways and through different musical genres, but – we need that connection.

If you need it, too, then you’ve come to the right place.  And, we’re glad you’re here.