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Merry Metallica

Dude. I was so excited to hear about the new Metallica / Lou Reed collaboration (Lulu)! But then, I heard the new Metallica / Lou Reed collaboration and I was much less excited. Thankfully, I was able to wash my ears out with Beyond Magnetic.

Cover Off – Wagon Wheel

Psssst – Ri here.  Let’s welcome Kathryn from Coastal Chick as our newest Music Mama!  If you’ve hung around here for any time at all, you know she’s a regular who fits right in with the rest of us nutters.  The fact that she loves music AND writing is a definite plus, and we’re damn…

Wednesday Nights are for Stripping

Yep – from now on, my Wednesday nights are going to be spent with Curt Smith – one half of the legendary band Tears for Fears. While I (and sadly it appears everyone else as well) will remain fully clothed, the fun will be provided by Smith and a different band/artist each week on a…