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This or That – Please, Please, Please

I am a proud child of the ’80′s.  I was weaned on John Hughes films and indie rock.  I remember Walkmen, the original “V-Jays” and how to make big hair.  I loved The Smiths. Scratch that, I still LOVE The Smiths.

More Mamas = More Music

“People!  I’ve had an epiphany!” – Rango.  And now, Music Mama Ri. Yes, much like the beloved cinematic Johnny Deppian lizard, I have come to a realization…a point at which that giant bingo ball tosser thing has abruptly stopped on the winning numbers…when the roulette wheel has ceased to spin, landing on 21 black –…

This is not your Friday Fiver…

… but, coincidentally, it is 5 songs on a Friday.