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This or That: Lady Business

Seriously, this week has been all about lady business. From discussions about Helen Gurley Brown to the Bic for Her pen dustup (I was all thinking that surely that can’t be real. I’ll stop now lest I hijack the purpose of this post.), so why not a This or That focusing on lady business? And…

This or That – Please, Please, Please

I am a proud child of the ’80′s.  I was weaned on John Hughes films and indie rock.  I remember Walkmen, the original “V-Jays” and how to make big hair.  I loved The Smiths. Scratch that, I still LOVE The Smiths.

This or That: Van Halen or Van Hagar?

This post is prompted by the recent news (here via MTV) that Van Halen and David Lee Roth are reuniting (for the record, Wolfgang Van Halen will be assuming Michael Anthony’s bass & backing vocal duties, so it’s not a full reunion).

This or That? Live and Let Die

I was listening to this song over the weekend, and I thought about remakes and how many of them go horribly wrong. But how some remakes were just meant to be.

This or That: REM

Pick your poison: REM 1980s? or 2000s? Discuss.

This or That: Merle v. Floyd

This or That?